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Beluga luxury vodka embodies the spirit of the new Russia, through embracing age-old traditions and the latest in modern technology. Well-known and respected by connoisseurs in Russia and abroad, Beluga vodka is honoured to represent Russia in this important and historic context.

Distilled in the unspoilt wilds of Siberia, Beluga is vodka like no other. A true masterpiece amongst spirits, Beluga vodka is produced in small batches using only the finest traditional methods and natural ingredients. Thanks to rigorous quality control at all stages of the production process and the unspoilt purity of the area where Beluga is produced, Beluga’s refined taste is a true work of art.

And, as though another reminder of the brand’s exclusivity were needed, each and every one of Beluga’s individually-numbered bottles is exquisitely hand-finished. Today, Beluga's unparalleled standing makes it the first choice of vodka aficionados the world over.

Evaluated as the best of premium vodkas, Beluga’s exquisite ingredients make it the perfect base for Beluga’s famous cocktails. Beluga Noble, Beluga Privilege, Beluga Liberty, Beluga Gourmet and Beluga Triumph were specifically designed to complement the character of this uniquely refined spirit. 






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