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MAG Racing (POL44)

MAG Racing (POL44)

Hull number: 14
Boat owners: Krzysztof Krempec & Artur Kasner (POL)

After a break from racing in 2012, MAG Racing owned by  Polish businessmen Krzysztof Krempec and Artur Kasner made a comeback in 2013, finishing the season in 15th. The team is known for their fun loving antics both on and off the race course. 


Krzysztof Krempec (POL) - Owner/Driver
Artur Kasner (POL) - Owner/Driver
Karol Jablonski (POL) Tactician
Piotr Przybylski (POL) - Main
Grzegorz Baranoeski (POL) -  Trimmer 1
Mariusz Klupinski (POL) - Trimmer 2
Kamil Zwolak (POL) - Grinder
Arek Fedusio (POL) - Pit
Jacek Wysocki (POL) - Bowman
Kasia Tylinska (POL) - Manager/Coach

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2013 - RC44 Championship Tour -15th
2012 - RC44 Championship Tour - 16th
2011 - RC44 Championship Tour - 15th

MAG Racing (POL44) MAG Racing (POL44) MAG Racing (POL44)

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